Frequently asked questions

The basics

  • What is whey?

    Whey is one of two proteins found in milk - the other being casein. Whey is a complete protein, meaning it has all of the essential and non-essential amino acids our body needs; and it has a very high biological value, meaning it is easily absorbed and utilised once consumed.

    The majority of whey proteins you see on the shelves derive from the liquid whey that is left as a byproduct of cheese-making. This is then processed into a more concentrated powder form, where the majority of the unwanted fat and lactose are removed to create a high-protein food supplement.


  • What is native whey protein?

    Native whey protein refers to whey proteins that derive directly from the fresh milk source.

    The process of cheese-making - where pasteurisation and heat treatments are utilised - damages the all-important peptides and protein structures, eliminating many of the whey's unique, health-enhancing properties.

    By extracting the whey directly from the milk source (and eliminating the need for additional processing), native whey proteins preserve the fragile protein structures, ensuring the maximal levels of the all-important health-enhancing factors remain. 

  • What does undenatured mean?

    The word 'undenatured' refers to the physical structure of the protein in its original, unaltered state. Heat, pH treatment and mechanical stress can all denature whey proteins. Whey deriving from the by-product of the cheese-making process is often refered to as 'denatured whey.'

    Our native whey is gently filtered from fresh milk to ensure the whey remains in its undenatured form, bursting with its natural goodness.


  • I thought whey protein was just for bodybuilders?

    Whey is a rich source of bio-available protein and widely recognised as a facilitator of muscle repair after intense exercise - making it a staple among dedicated athletes and gym enthusiasts.

    The medicinal properties of whey, however, have been recognised for centuries and can be traced all the way back to Hippocrates, some 2,500 years ago.

    The latest research shows that high quality whey proteins carry a plethora of health-benefits and should be a feature of any healthy diet.

  • Is Vitality Whey for me?

    In a word - yes!

    Vitality Whey has been scientifically formulated to provide the tools needed to help fight the ageing process. Studies suggest it can boost immunity, help prevent disease, regulate energy levels and help combat the age-associated frailty that results from a loss in bone-mineral density and lean tissue.

    That said, who would say no to enhanced immunity and a little more energy?! Vitality Whey provides the building blocks your cells require to produce glutathione - our 'master antioxidant', detoxifier and regulator of immune function. Age is just one factor that contributes to a decline in natural glutathione production: smoking, stress, lack of sleep, intense exercise and other environmental stressors all contribute to a reduction in glutathione levels - and being so closely linked to many aspects of our health and wellbeing, everyone can benefit from elevated glutathione levels.

    ...and being 100% natural - there's no harm giving it a go!

Taking Vitality Whey

  • What dose of Vitality Whey should I take?

    Take one sachet per day to promote proper immune function, regulate energy levels and help maintain lean tissue and bone mineral density. Take two sachets if you lead a particularly active lifestyle or are recovering from or fighting off an illness.

  • When should I take my Vitality Whey?

    Vitality Whey is most effective on an empty stomach. Take first thing in the morning, between meals, or just before bed. On a booster subscription? Take once in the morning and once in the evening.

  • How should I store my Vitality Whey?

    Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight or anywhere that is subject to prolonged periods above room temperature. It’s ok to refrigerate your Vitality Whey but not necessary.

  • Why can’t I heat my Vitality Whey?

    Exposure to heat can damage Vitality Whey’s delicate protein structures – meaning you’ll lose some of the key nutrients.

  • What does Vitality Whey taste like?

    Vitality Whey has a subtle, neutral flavour that is perfectly pleasant to consume with a variety of drinks and foods. See our recipes for some tasty ideas.

Dietary information

  • Is Vitality Whey suitable for Vegetarians?

    Yes – in fact, Vitality Whey is an ideal protein source for vegetarians as it is a “complete” protein – providing our bodies with all the essential and non-essential amino acids it needs to function properly (unlike the majority of plant-derived proteins).

  • Is Vitality Whey suitable for Vegans?

    Vitality Whey derives from milk and therefore not suitable for those following a vegan diet.

  • I’m lactose intolerant - can I take Vitality Whey?

    With less than 0.1g of lactose per serving, Vitality Whey is nutritionally classed as ‘low in lactose’ and unlikely to cause any reaction to lactose-intolerant individuals. If you have a particularly high sensitivity to lactose or have any concerns, please consult your doctor before taking Vitality Whey.

  • I’m not supposed to eat dairy - can I take Vitality Whey?

    As a derivative of milk, whey is obviously classified as dairy. However, Vitality Whey is free from casein and very low in lactose – the two most common allergens found in dairy - so even if you are dairy-intolerant, Vitality Whey will most likely cause no reaction. Always consult with your doctor first if you have any concerns.

  • Does Vitality Whey Contain Soy?

    No – unlike the majority of whey proteins, Vitality Whey does not contain any soy or ingredients deriving from soy.

  • Is Vitality Whey gluten-free?

    Yes – Vitality Whey does not contain gluten.

  • Will I put on weight?

    Vitality Whey will not result in fat gain, nor leave you looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger! This is a common concern stemming from the preconceived notion that whey-based products are only used by body-builders and gym enthusiasts to help pack on the pounds.

  • Can Vitality Weight help me build muscle?

    Vitality Whey is a rich source of bioavailable protein and BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), which can help build lean muscle tissue when combined with an effective resistance-training program.

  • Can Vitality Whey help me lose weight?

    Yes - Vitality Whey can be a beneficial part of any weight loss program. Studies have shown that whey modulates several critical pathways related to weight management, such as improving insulin sensitivity (lowering blood-sugar), supporting satiety (suppressing appetite), promoting fat-burning, and optimising lean-tissue mass – all contributing to a healthier body composition.

  • I’m diabetic – can I take Vitality Whey?

    Absolutely – Vitality Whey could actually be beneficial. Not only is Vitality Whey an ideal source of protein for diabetics following altered diets, it can also help manage blood glucose levels by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream.  

  • I already take vitamins, is that ok?

    Yes – it is perfectly safe for you to take Vitality Whey alongside any current supplementation.

  • Will Vitality Whey interfere with any of my medication?

    Vitality Whey is formulated from 100% safe and natural ingredients and should have no negative interactions with any medications. However, if you are taking immunosuppressive medication, or are on a protein-restricted diet, please consult with your doctor before taking Vitality Whey.

  • Is it safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

    Whey is a naturally occuring dairy protein and perfectly safe to consume during pregnancy and breasfeeding (approx. two-thirds of the proteins in breastmilk is whey). In fact, Vitality Whey could make a great contribution to the additional nutritional demands during pregnancy.


  • What is glutathione?

    Glutathione (pronounced, glu-ta-thigh-own) is small protein molecule present in every cell in the human body. It is the keystone of the body’s cellular antioxidant defence system and regulates many aspects of immune function. The greatest concentration of glutathione is found in the liver, where it plays an essential role in the detoxifying process - actively neutralising toxins and harmful substances.

    Fortunately, our bodies produce glutathione naturally, but levels diminish as we age - leading to cell degeneration, or ageing. Other daily factors also contribute to lowering glutathione levels, such as:

    • poor diet;
    • lack of sleep;
    • stress;
    • smoking;
    • environmental toxins and pollutants;
    • intense physical exercise.


    Everyone will benefit from elevated glutathione levels - the level of glutathione in our cells is directly related to overall health.

  • Why do I need it?

    Glutathione is regarded as the singularly most important factor in promoting optimal cell health - and healthy cells = a healthy you! Its critical importance to almost every aspect of our health means we would be here all day were we to compile a complete list...

    Fortunately, glutathione's role can be broken down into four major categories:

    • An ANTIOXIDANT: Glutathione is the single most important antioxidant in the body, working from within the cell to protect it from free radical damage. Referred to as 'the master antioxidant,' glutathione acitvely recycles and regulates the actions of lesser antioxidants (Vitamin C, E etc.). Without glutathione, our whole antioxidant defence system would fail.
    • Regulator of IMMUNE FUNCTION: Essential for enabling white blood cells to realise their full potential, glutathione is critical to immune function. Nearly all chronic illnesses are categorised by low glutathione levels and studies are showing that it is a key player in promoting recovery. 
    • A DETOXIFYER: Most abundantly found in the liver, glutathione plays a crucial part in the detoxification process, actively seeking out and irradicating heavy metals, toxins and everyday pollutants and carcinogens.
    • Facilitator of ENERGY production: Glutathione works from within the cell to protect our mitochondria from damage caused by free radicals. Mitochondria are responsible for turning our food into energy, and glutathione is essential in maintaining proper function.


    To summarise:
    "When your Glutathione level is high, your overall health is high. You feel good and you look good. You fight off minor illnesses quickly, you have plenty of energy, and you feel mentally and physically alert... you’re at an optimal level of good health." ~Alan Pressman, DC, Phd, CCN

  • If it’s so great why have I never heard of it?

    Good question!

    Despite being a relatively unknown term, glutathione is very much at the forefront of medical science and will undoubtedly be a common household term in the near future. The importance of antioxidants have only been common knowledge for 15-20 years, after all. Glutathione's importance and prominance in medical research is highlighted by over 100,000 studies. It is interesting to note that there has been twice the number of clinical studies on the importance of glutathione as there has vitamin C.

    The relative difficulty of promoting glutathione levels within our cells has until recently prevented glutathione from reaching the mainstream. 

  • How can Vitality Whey help?

    Vitality Whey offers a safe and natural source of glutathione precursors - the building blocks your body needs to increase production.

    Delving deeper into the science - glutathione consists of 3 amino acids, but it is cysteine that is considered the most important building block (as it is not readily available in our diet). Unfortunately, oral supplementation with cysteine has been shown to be ineffective and potentially toxic as our bodies break it down before it can reach our cells.

    Vitality Whey contains cystine - a unique double-bonded form of cysteine. Cystine is the ideal delivery system to the cell, passing safely through the gastrointestinal tract and blood plasma. Upon cell entry, the bond is broken, providing two cysteine molecules to facilitate glutathione production.

    Vitality Whey's unique formula also provides the body with key micronutrients that work harmoniously with glutathione, helping to recycle and stimulate futher production in our cells.


  • What is lactoferrin?

    Lactoferrin is a minor component of whey.

    Whey is a complex protein that is made up of a number of smaller components, known as 'peptides.'  Each of these peptides has a unique biological property and can all contribute to our health, but it is lactoferrin that has the most significantly documented health benefits, from boosting immune function and increasing bone-mineral density, to preventing disease and offering protection from cancers.

    Interestingly, human breastmilk contains large amounts of lactoferrin, and this is considered a key nutrient for enhancing the immune system of the infant.

    It is lactoferrin's affinity to iron that holds the secret to its health-enhancing properties. Lactoferrin binds readily with iron, in turn improving our body's iron uptake. Upon binding with iron, invading pathogens and harmful bacteria are denied this valuable resource - limiting their chance of survival. Recent studies suggest that lactoferrin can suppress tumour growth and the spread of some cancers by limiting their source of iron.

    Studies have also highlighted the importance of lactoferrin in the health and function of our digestive system - shown to promote beneficial bacteria in the gut.

  • Why Vitality Whey?

    Much of the lactoferrin present in whey is lost during commerical processes and cheap manufacturing techniques. What remains is often damaged to the extent that the wonderful health benefits associated with lactoferrin have been lost.

    Vitality Whey uses only the finest native whey proteins that have been gently filtered directly from fresh milk. This ensures the maximum level of lactoferrin remains in our whey, and remains in tact.

    Vitality Whey contains as much as 10 times the lactoferrin content as that of a commercially-processed whey protein, making it a great source of natural lactoferrin.

Vortex Mixer

  • How much liquid should I put in?

    There is no exact science to this - though it is important that the fill level is above the mixing blade.


  • Help - my Vitality Whey is lumpy!

    Vitality Whey is free from emulsifiers and therefore not entirely water-soluble. You should however, be able to achieve a smooth consistency providing you are using good quality batteries and follow the directions in your mixer manual.

  • Can I just use a regular blender?

    It’s not recommended - the delicate nature of the proteins in Vitality Whey means it is subject to denaturing (damaging of the protein structures) when put under mechanical stress.

  • Is my Vitality Whey mixer dishwasher-safe?

    Whilst using a dishwasher to clean your Vitality Whey mixer is unlikely to do any harm in the short-term, hand washing will prolong its life.

Delivery information

  • What postal service do you offer?

    All orders are sent via Royal Mail, First Class delivery.

  • When will my Vitality Whey arrive?

    Once payment has cleared (approx 2 - 5 working days, you will be notified by email at this time), your item will usually be dispatched that same day. If you have not received your order after 7 working days, please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.

  • How will my subscription be delivered?

    Your monthly Vitality Whey delivery will arrive in two letterbox-friendly packages, each containing 14 sachets. Once delivered, we will endeavour to have your monthly packs delivered on the same day of the week, every four weeks.

  • Do you offer shipping outside the UK?

    Currently, our system only accepts UK customers.

    For special requests, please contact us and we may be able to arrange something.

Subscription information

  • I’ve forgotten my login details…

    You can reset your password on the Customer Login page. If you have lost your email address, please contact us with your name and subscription details and our support team will retrieve your login information for you.

  • How do I change my subscription?

    For maximum customer protection, we use Direct Debit for all payments. Unfortunately, this means our system is unable to change between plans.

    If you wish to switch between Vitality Whey plans, please cancel your current plan and re-subscribe with the desired plan.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your suscription at any time (please be aware that if you cancel before your first payment has cleared, we will not be able to deliver that month's order). Simply sign in to your account and remove the subscription from within your personal account page.


  • What is your return policy?

    Keeping our customers happy is our utmost priority. If you have a problem, please let us know and we will endeavour to resolve the issue quickly.

    If your order is faulty or not as described, please contact us and return the item(s) within 14 days for a full refund or exchange - we will even cover the cost of return postage.


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