Vitality Whey & You

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Boosts immunity

Vitality Whey provides a potent natural source of lactoferrin. Lactoferrin binds readily with iron — transporting it to where it is most needed whilst denying it to pathogens and harmful bacteria, thus limiting their chance of survival.

Every sachet of Vitality Whey provides the building blocks your cells need to produce glutathione, our "master antioxidant". Glutathione is essential for white blood cells to function optimally and key to a healthy immune system.

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Balances energy

Mitochondria within our cells are responsible for converting our food into energy. Glutathione is essential to this process, working from inside the cell to protect mitochondria from free radical damage — which would in turn, limit our ability to produce energy.

Vitality Whey, a great source of protein, which slows the absorption of glucose, preventing insulin spikes and helping to regulate energy levels.

Limits cell damage

Cell damage caused by free radicals accelerates ageing and leads to disease. Glutathione, the "master antioxidant", is our best weapon in the war against free radicals. Not only a powerful antioxidant, glutathione is also responsible for regulating and recycling other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

Some medical professionals believe there is no better predictor of overall health and life expectancy as our cellular levels of glutathione!

Promotes bone health

Vitality Whey is a good source of protein and calcium — both essential for healthy bones. Lactoferrin has also been linked to bone health, with studies revealing it may have a significant impact on bone remodelling — often referred to as "reverse osteoporosis".

Encourages lean tissue repair

Vitality Whey is a rich source of bio-available protein — essential for lean tissue repair — and leucine, an amino acid shown to reduce age-associated lean tissue loss.

Supports collagen synthesis

Vitality Whey’s unique formula stimulates collagen synthesis as well as playing a role in tissue regeneration and anti-ageing — all contributing to a healthy complexion. Its antioxidant properties will also help minimise fine lines and wrinkles by reducing skin damage caused by UV light and other environmental stressors.